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At Comms Multilingual, we are preparing for our next trade show, which will be the ICE Exchange in San Antonio, Texas, from November 11th – 14th. This is the annual conference of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence.

There are some very interesting presentations and in this blog and subsequent ones, we have picked out a few that we would like to share with you.

Going Global Part 2: Intentionally International
Linda K. Anguish, SPHR, GPHR and Rory E. McCorkle, International Credentialing Associates

At the ATP conference in 2011, Rory gave the presentation “Going Global Part 1” with 3 co-presenters. The title was “Expanding Your Credentialing Testing Program to International Markets – Is it for the Mission, Money, or Both?

In this presentation, they used case studies from 3 different organizations to show how these organizations had approached international expansion and what their experience had been.

Certain key factors to be taken into account in international expansion were considered:

  • Is there a viable market?
  • How would this expansion align to your mission, vision, values, strategic plan, etc.?
  • Will this expansion make revenue / profit?
  • What are the challenges / risks to this expansion?
  • What are the associated benefits (indirect benefits) of expansion?

Rory will be happy to share the slides from that presentation with you. Please e-mail him as follows: rory@intlcred.com

This year’s presentation will follow on from this and add further perspectives to be considered when looking at international expansion. We will provide some more information in a later post.