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The Comms Multilingual Summer Translation Mixtape

Welcome to the inaugural Comms Multilingual Spotify Playlist!

We like to think of ourselves as a fairly diverse company, given that we all come from and have lived in a range of different countries over the years.

This month, in celebration of the sunny weather we’ve been seeing, we’ve decided to compile a soundtrack to our Comms Multilingual summer and share it with you, along with a little background.

We hope you enjoy our choices, and we’re sorry to say that we’ve not included this year’s rather overplayed Spanish summer hit “Despacito” (it is far too clichéd!).

On a more serious note, if you are considering a translation project over the summer period, we would recommend leaving a little additional time for your projects, as many countries (and therefore our translators) close down and head to the cooler seaside for much of August!

Sue - President & CEO:

Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf featured in the film Easy Rider, about 2 guys biking across America. For me, this song means getting on a motorbike and just travelling around in the summer having fun. I got a motorbike as soon as I was old enough and loved riding it all round the place. Born to be Wild is my theme tune.

Sam - Sales Manager:

“One of my favourite ‘classic’ French chansons – the clever word play and cheeky tune is so typical of Brassens, and it makes me feel like I’m back living the belle vie in the south of France, with a Pastis in one hand, watching a game of pétanque on a street corner.”

Sonia - Operations Director:

“It’s a catchy song with clever lyrics (not to mention that my daughter Dalia makes me listen to it at least 10 times a day)”

Laura - Project Manager:

“This is a typical song about summer in Galicia. It makes me homesick and happy at the same time. Have I ever mentioned that I love my homeland?! 😉

Manda - Administration Manager:

“This song reminds me of my school days, where we had to cross the Nairobi River to get to school. During the rainy season the bridge was always under water and we had to cross on stepping stones. My friend and I always used to sing this song to take our mind of the fear of slipping into the water and getting our uniforms wet.”