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SIOP Virtual Conference 2020

Comms Multilingual is once again pleased to sponsor SIOP’s Annual Conference, between June 16-30, 2020.

This year, we’re looking forward to the on-demand content that will be available over the two weeks of the conference.

Comms Multilingual & I/O Psychology

Comms Multilingual offers defensible translations of high-stakes content, such as I/O assessments, as well as the internationalisation of reports, development guides, survey platforms and training or workshop facilitation materials.

Outside of business psychology, we’ve worked to translate and adapt a range of other content types for our clients, from telephone scripts for A/B testing to marketing content, websites and pay per click advertising.

Our processes are flexible, according to the internal resources you have at hand and the type of content requiring translation; we offer processes with multiple quality assurance steps (dual forward translation, back translation, etc.) for the translation of psychometric item banks, as well as simple, tight-turnaround translations for open-ended comments from 360° questionnaires.

Read more about our work in these areas through the links below. And if you’d like to hear some of our top tips for localising tests and assessments, leave us your e-mail and we’ll keep you posted.