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Hardware, Software & Telecoms Translation

Are you looking to sell your products or services internationally?
Comms Multilingual offers a range of services tailored specially for you.

At Comms Multilingual, we have a great deal of experience in handling translations in the areas of IT and telecoms.  All our translators are selected for their expertise in the subject matter, so that you can be sure that your projects will be handled by people with a real understanding and knowledge of the subject matter.

We carry out a wide variety of different translations in these areas. Here are just some examples:

  • Marketing materials
  • Software strings
  • Data sheets
  • Product information
  • Terms and Conditions of Use / EULAs


Software strings

These present particular challenges, and great care needs to be taken when translating software strings. We are sent software strings in a range of formats, including Excel, RESX, Java Properties, JSON, XML or plain TSV files.

These are good formats for translation, but the strings are often not in context other than a simple identifier, so it is sometimes difficult to know exactly what is meant.

When you get updates of software strings for translation, is it important to create a translation memory of previous translations so that you can get consistency of terminology throughout all the software.

Hints & Tips

There will always be questions from the translators about how a particular word or phrase will be used. Be prepared to provide some screenshots from the source language to help the translators to understand the context and therefore, to produce the correct translation.

Let’s take an example of the word “Open”. Is this an adjective showing a support ticket status or a verb?

Datasheets and Product Information

Having translated datasheets and product information is a very important thing to enable you to sell successfully in your target markets. People expect such information in their own language.

There is usually a lot of repeated wording on data sheets, but the technical specifications will differ from datasheet to datasheet. It is therefore vital that someone with a good eye for detail is involved in the process of checking that all the information is correct in the target language.

With product information, people need to be able to read about the products they have purchased in their own language to avoid any misunderstanding.

It is also very important to ensure that any licensing information and terms and conditions are translated into the local language.



It is clearly very important to ensure that your marketing message is right and that it sounds good in another language. This is key to being able to sell your products and services in another country successfully.

For more information on how we can help you market your IT or Telecoms products and services abroad, please see our multilingual marketing page.

Other documents

We regularly also translate many other types of document for our clients in the IT and Telecoms sectors.

Here are just a few examples of the type of document that we regularly work with:

  • RFP responses
  • Contracts
  • Legal documents
  • Safety information
  • Training and HR materials


Hints & Tips

Having a translation memory will ensure that you consistently use the same vocabulary each time. Ask your translation company about this.

Likewise, it is a good idea to ensure that you have a glossary of key terms in place with definitions of what is meant by those terms.

The glossary and TMs are living documents, which should be updated as new terms start to be used.

We can help you to build up that glossary with terms that you would typically use.


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