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Training & HR

Comms Multilingual’s services help ensure faithful translations of a range of HR, training and employment-related materials

Training RoomComms has a huge amount of experience in this sector of the translation world. Over the years, this has very much become one of our specialist areas, and we work for many producers of such material in different countries.

We have our own unique methodology for handling such projects to ensure that the text is translated in the best possible way and we will be happy to discuss our process steps with you. We will then produce with a “best practice” procedure, which will cover your needs and ensure a translation of the highest quality.

This area covers a wide variety of topics and the following are just some examples of the type of material we have translated:

When handling training materials, it is vitally important that the translation is a completely faithful reproduction of the original, whilst still ensuring that the content is valid in the target market. We therefore work closely with our clients throughout the project, sharing feedback with each other at each stage of the process.

Specialist teams

Comms has built up a large team of linguists in many languages who have a great deal of experience in translating such materials. Our linguists are always on the lookout for anything that might not be appropriate or valid in the target market and we can then advise our clients about this. This might include such things as references to particular laws, names of people or organisations, currencies or even a type of sport that isn’t particularly popular in the country for which the translation is intended.

Once the translation has been finished, it is proofread by a second linguist to ensure accuracy and quality. For psychometric assessments and tests we use our unique and robust methodology to ensure validity and equivalence in other languages. Please see our Psychometric Testing and Assessments Translation page for more information.

More than just translation

In addition to the translation side, Comms can handle materials in a wide variety of formats. For documents to be printed, we offer a full typesetting service, which means that you will receive the translations in their original file format, completely ready to use. We can also provide voice-overs with any type of voice, as specified by you, and subtitles.


Hints & Tips

It is very useful to have glossaries of your key terms. As we work with you over a period of time, we can build up glossaries of phrases and terms that are particular to your own requirements. This will ensure consistency in the vocabulary used throughout your projects.

Request a quotation

If you would like a quotation, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Which type of material do you need to have translated (i.e. psychometric assessments, soft skills training, IT training, e-learning, financial, etc.)?
  2. Which language or languages do you need and for which locales?
  3. If the translation that you require involves e-learning, do you just need to have simple text translated (into text boxes, for example), or do you require anything like voice-overs or subtitling?
  4. In which format will the text to be translated come to us (Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Articulate, etc.)?
  5. In which format would you like it to be returned to you?

Please contact us and send the materials by email or FTP so that we can ascertain if there is anything else that we need to know in order to give you an accurate quotation.