Voice-overs and Subtitling

Recording DeskVoice-overs

We have access to the necessary studio facilities and the native speaker voice-over artists to record any sound tracks that you may need.

Ideally, we would like to be involved when the original language version is in the planning stage: we can then help you to avoid the problems that may arise later when the scripts are translated into other languages. Additionally, we can advise on culturally inappropriate material that could cause offence in other countries.

Pre- and post-production

We will provide a complete pre- and post-production service for any multimedia project. For voice-overs, we can provide samples of a variety of voices so that you can choose the ones that are most suitable for your project. Your satisfaction at every stage of the process is our priority.

Over the past few years we have honed our voice-over skills and have built a sizeable team of native speaker linguists that we use on a regular basis. As a result, we are able to offer you a choice of different voices, both male and female, from a range of age groups. If you would like to have voice samples in any language, please contact us.

[panel type=”default” heading=”Hints & Tips”]If timing is critical for each segment, please bear in mind that it may well take longer to speak the same text in other languages, so you will need to make an allowance for that when putting together the original English files, scripts and timings. We can work with you to provide advice on this aspect.[/panel]


These are used in a huge variety of different applications and Comms can help you with these. If you are creating videos or animations from scratch, please bear in mind that other languages can be up to 30% longer than the equivalent English text.

You will therefore need to allow space for text expansion when putting together the original English file. Otherwise, the script may need to be cut down in order to make it fit, thus affecting the meaning. There is a real art to translating for subtitles and we use translators with proven expertise in the art of translating such materials.

Before starting a project, Comms can advise you where the potential pitfalls may be and how we can help you avoid them.

Request a quotation

  1. In which format will the files come to us?
  2. In which format would you like the finished materials to be returned to you?
  3. What is the subject matter?
  4. Which language or languages (and countries) do you need?
  5. Will you be supplying us with the files already translated or do you need us to do the translation?
  6. Is there a script already for this audio file or would you need us to create it from scratch?
  7. If there is a script, is it time coded?
  8. If the work that you require concerns e-learning, do you just need to have the translated text inserted into text boxes, or do you require anything like voice-overs, etc.?
  9. If you need to have voice-overs, we will need to know what your preferences for the voices are (i.e. young/old, male/female, numbers of voices, etc.).
  10. What are your deadlines?

Please contact us to send us the files in question, either by e-mail or FTP*. We will always need to see the files before we can do an accurate quotation.

*We have a secure FTP server and are happy to provide you with your own personal login to this.