Linguists and other Providers

We are always looking for experienced translators and providers to be added to our database. Please read through our minimum requirements, and if you fulfil them, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Requirements for Freelance Translators

  • Formal education in translation and/or interpreting (higher degree, recognised diploma or MA)
  • A degree or substantial experience of working in a specialised field (e.g. psychology, education, IT, marketing, business, law, finance, telecommunications, etc.)
  • At least three (ideally five) years’ documented translation experience
  • Translation exclusively into your mother tongue(s)
  • Evidence of following a continuing professional development programme
  • The necessary technical equipment: computer, printer, e-mail, broadband, etc.
  • At least two professional references
  • Completion of a short translation test provided by Comms
  • Acceptance of our NDA and Terms and Conditions
  • Full availability online (e-mail, Skype, phone).

The following are considered of added value in your application process:

  • Accreditation / membership of a professional translation body (e.g. ITI, IOL, ATA etc)
  • Use of and familiarity with CAT tools
  • ISO self-certification


While we tend to work with freelance translators, we also accept applications from translation agencies. When applying, please only initially tell us about one of your language combinations; we’ll ask about all the languages you work with at a later stage.