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Expert Services for the Validation of Translations

Comms Multilingual has a network of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in different countries through whom we can provide our expert review services.


We can offer the services of both clinical and I/O psychologists, depending on the assessments in question. In some cases, we will carry out an expert review of the assessment prior to beginning the translation.

We use this step where there is a significant amount of material within the text that will need to be localised. Our experts will come up with suggestions as to the changes that should be made and then agree these with our clients prior to starting the translation process.

Exams and Certifications

We have a network of SMEs in a wide variety of subject areas who provide expert review services. They help to put together and finalise glossaries of terms specific to their area of expertise before the translation part of a project is started.


SME Review of Translation

One of our most popular services is the expert review of a translation once the translation quality process has been completed.

Here, our expert reviewer will go through all the documentation and the translation from the project. They will provide a report on the translation with their recommendations for any changes they believe to be necessary in light of their experience with test and exam adaptation and with the administration of tests and exams.

Assessment and Exam Validation

We have a network of clinical and I/O psychologists in many countries. Our partners have been chosen for their expertise in the linguistic validation process for assessments. They are native speakers of the target language and fluent in English.

In addition, for the checking of exams, we can provide suitably qualified personnel in many countries to act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) reviewers.


When translating/adapting a test, assessment or exam for another country, it is always a good idea for you to check that the test items are all legal and acceptable in the target country. For example, in Canada, you are not allowed to ask certain demographic questions of job applicants, as these questions may be considered discriminatory.

Hints & Tips

Please be specific about what sort of review you would like to have. We are happy to discuss your exact requirements with you and to recommend the appropriate level of service.

Cognitive Debriefing

In addition to the expert review services outlined above, we also offer cognitive debriefing services. This is part of the linguistic validation process whereby the language version of a psychometric test is tested on a small panel of the target population to highlight any possible difficulties with comprehension.

Comms provides the psychologist in the target country with the original English version, the translated version and concept definitions. The psychologist (clinical or I/O) then selects a small sample of people from specified demographics and takes each of them through the language version. A report is provided by Comms on the findings with recommendations for changes as necessary.

Normative Data Collection

Normative data collection is carried out to address issues of validity and to evaluate the equivalence of interpretations across countries. This step helps to enhance cross-cultural comparability.

Our clients provide us with their own demographic specifications for their particular assessment. We then select between 200 and 600 people, who take the assessment either online or on paper.

The results from this can then be used as norms against which future takers of the assessment in that country can be measured.

Why choose Comms?

  • We offer a complete range of language services in the field of psychometric test or exam translation, localisation and adaptation, so that you can obtain all your requirements from one source.
  • Regardless of the subject matter, we can provide you with our expertise in that area so that you can be sure that you are dealing with people who understand your subject.
  • The translation and adaptation of exams, certifications, tests and assessments is our specialist area, so you know that you are in expert hands.
  • We are highly skilled in the management of very complex projects involving multiple services and languages, so you can trust us to deliver your projects to your specification.
  • Your reputation is of the very greatest importance to us: our expertise in this area will ensure that your reputation as leaders in your field will be maintained.

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