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Comms Multilingual offers multimedia translation services of audio, video and e-Learning to organisations worldwide.
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What is Multimedia Translation?

Multimedia translation is a specialist area of translation whereby linguists transfer content that use multiple modes of communication (audio, video, written, graphical) into another language and/or culture.

Multimedia can be defined as information in more than one form. It includes the use of text, audio, music, graphics, animation and full-motion video.

Multimedia content is typically made up of either games, training courses or things like videos online. However, any application which uses sound and/or video to enhance delivery could be called multimedia.

If you have any requirements such as these, then Comms Multilingual will make an ideal production partner for you. Find out more about our audiovisual and design services through the links below.

What are the Different Types of Multimedia Translation?

Broadly speaking, our multimedia translation services are divided into DTP, multilingual subtitling, audio transcription, multilingual voiceover and dubbing. We also offer services that cover multiple media, such as the translation of e-Learning materials, as this can involve subtitling, typesetting and voiceover all together in the same package.

Multilingual DTP

Multilingual Typesetting

Multilingual Subtitling & Subtitle Translation

Subtitling & Closed Captions

Foreign Voiceover & Subtitling

Voiceover & Dubbing

E-Learning Translation

e-Learning Translation

Why Use Multimedia Translation?

Many of our clients use multimedia translation to either market their products internationally (i.e. they look at it from a directly commercial point of view), or choose to translate multimedia content to promote accessibility, diversity or inclusivity within their organisation (which in turn of course has a positive effect in itself on the commercial operation).

It allows content to be received by non-native speakers in the same way as the original (in the case of multilingual DTP or voiceover), or provides accessibility without the expense of a full voiceover (in the case of multilingual subtitling).

Sample Multimedia Translation Projects

We have worked now for over 20 years and regularly translate multimedia content. Here’s how we can help:

  • Do you need to translate e-learning materials in other languages for people within your own company or clients in other countries?
  • Do you produce simulations that need to go into other languages?
  • How about translating multilingual video clips about your products or services to go onto sites such as YouTube?
  • Do you have a promotional or corporate information video that you would like to adapt for use abroad?
  • Do you need to have city tours or sightseeing information recorded in other languages?
  • How about voiceover or typesetting of museum guides in other languages?
  • What about health information, so that all people can have fair and equal access to the health services available, no matter what their native language?
  • How about public announcements, such as passenger information on aircraft?
Multimedia Translation of a Bus Tour Audio Guide

While every project will be slightly different, Comms Multilingual is a multimedia translation agency with a hand-picked team of skilled translators, subtitlers, voiceover artists and DTP operators across the world. We bring them together to offer specialist multimedia translation services, no matter what the languages or locales required.

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