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Translation and localisation

From Arabic to Zulu, we cover almost any language you can think of. For all our projects, we use experienced native-speaker linguists with expertise in the vocabulary of your business sector. Our standard translation and localisation services cover a number of different areas, including:

Specialist services

Comms Multilingual is your specialist partner for the translation and adaptation of psychometric assessments, tests and exams.

Our experience and specially-developed processes can provide you with coverage in both the clinical and non-clinical areas, and our complete suite of services can help take your certification programmes and professional education courses into other countries.

Design and Multimedia

We can handle any file type and language, and create products in softcopy or print-ready format. Our design and typesetting services cover brochures, assessments, leaflets, posters, magazines, books, business cards and catalogues.

Comms can handle all of your multilingual multimedia projects. Voice-overssubtitles for e-learning and other materials are all areas in which we have experience.

We will be very happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for any project. Please use the form below to provide us with more information regarding your project, and if you would like to send files to us through a more secure method, then we will be happy to provide you with a login to our secure FTP server.

Request a quotation

If you would like a quotation, please provide us with the following information:

  1. Which type of material do you need to have translated?
  2. Which language or languages do you need and for which locales
  3. Do you require any additional services, such as expert review, DTP/typesetting or localisation?
  4. In which format will the text to be translated come to us (Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint, QuarkXpress, etc.)?
  5. In which format would you like it to be returned to you?

Please contact us and send the materials by email or FTP so that we can ascertain if there is anything else that we need to know in order to give you an accurate quotation.