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Website Translation & Localisation

Are you looking to translate your website in order to expand your sales overseas? Do you already have customers in other countries but feel that you are not getting the level of sales that you are expecting? Could this be due to a lack of information in your clients’ own language?

To translate or not?

Research has shown that people are far more likely to be interested in websites in their own language. One of the golden rules of marketing is that you should make it as easy as possible for potential customers to approach you.

Translating your website is a first step in making your products and services available to a much wider audience, and therefore increasing your sales.


We are well aware of the problems that can arise from the inappropriate localisation of marketing materials.

What exactly is meant by localisation? It is the adaptation of text and graphics so that they are culturally appropriate in the target market. For this reason, any linguist or collaborator that is involved in the project will be resident in the country for which the website is intended.

There are many aspects that need to be taken into consideration when translating a website into another language. For example, you need to consider whether the colours and images you have used are appropriate for the target locale. We can help to advise you about this.

Translate website

Hints & Tips

Copying and pasting the text from your website into Word may not be the best way of sending the text for translation, as metadata and special text may be missed. Please get in touch to discuss your options for sending the text out for translation.

What should we translate?

If your website is particularly large, you might want to consider just translating the key pages. Comms Multilingual can help you with every aspect of website production and provide advice on how much text should be translated.


If you want your website to feature on search engines in your target market, it is very important not to forget about search engine optimisation of your site. You have probably done this for your English site; it is equally important to do the same for any foreign language versions.


As videos are becoming more and more important for search engine rankings, you may want to consider having some short video clips on your site.

We can provide you with sample voices, so that you can choose the most appropriate ones for your message. We will then translate the script, record the voices and provide you with the videos completely ready to publish on your site.

Please contact us and send us the full site or the pages for translation, either by e-mail or FTP. We need to have the full site from you so that we can be sure we have all the pages that need to be translated and localised, which will enable us to do an accurate word and page count. Please also send us the original of any graphics files or other assets that need to be localised.

One of our team leaders in another part of the South East region has e-mailed to say how ‘highly recommended’ Comms Multilingual is by some of our clients who have used you.

– UK Business Support Agency

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