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Design and Multimedia

What do you understand by the word “multimedia”?

Dublin City Bus ToursMultimedia can be defined as information in more than one form. It includes the use of text, audio, music, graphics, animation and full-motion video.

Multimedia content is typically made up of either games, training courses or things like encyclopaedias on DVD or online. However, any application which uses sound and/or video to enhance delivery can be called multimedia.

  • Do you need to produce your e-learning materials in other languages for people within your own company or clients in other countries?
  • Do you produce simulations that need to go into other languages?
  • How about video clips about your products or services to go onto sites such as YouTube?
  • Do you have a promotional or corporate information video that you would like to adapt for use abroad?
  • Do you need to have city tours or sightseeing information recorded in other languages?
  • How about museum guides in other languages?
  • What about health information, so that all people can have fair and equal access to the health services available, no matter what their native language?
  • How about public announcements, such as passenger information on aircraft?

If you have any requirements such as these, then Comms Multilingual will make an ideal production partner for you. Find out more about our audiovisual and design services through the links below.

  • Typesetting and Design

    Typesetting / Compositing

  • Voiceover Artist

    Voice recording and Subtitling

Request a quotation

If you would like a quotation, please let us have the following information:

  1. Which languages are required?
  2. Which services do you require?
  3. Do you need us to do the translation or will you be providing us with the text already translated?
  4. In what format will the text come to us?
  5. What is the final delivery format?
  6. Are there any localisable graphics within the text? If so, we will need to have the original layered files in order to localise the graphics.
  7. What is your deadline?
  8. Are there any other special requirements for working with the files?

Please send the document for typesetting to us so that we can provide you with our quotation. If the files are large, please contact us for details of our secure FTP server or we can discuss other methods for transferring files.