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Apart from being passionate about translation and the many other topics related to it, the people who work at Comms are the ones who make the company what it is. We pride ourselves on our team spirit, work ethic, quality focus and passion for what we do.
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Sue Orchard

President & CEO

Sue Orchard is the President/CEO and founder of the company. Her professional life has been spent in International Sales and Marketing. Sue is a languages graduate in German and Russian, has a good knowledge of French and Spanish, and a working understanding of most European languages.

In order to keep up with industry trends, Sue is a member of several organisations, including the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the International Test Commission. She has a real passion for languages and loves the client-facing side of Comms work.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency CEO - Sue Orchard

Sonia Sala

Operations Director

Sonia Sala is our Operations Director, with responsibility for ensuring that all our projects run smoothly. Sonia is a Spanish national, who has a Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona in Spain in English, Italian and Danish. She also has some knowledge of Portuguese and German.

Sonia is an excellent manager of people and really enjoys running the Operations Department. It is her job to ensure that projects run on time, to budget and to the satisfaction of our clients!

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Operations Director - Sonia Sala

Graham Morris


Graham Morris is a Director of Comms Multilingual and member of the management team. He has experience in IT, Finance, Sales, Support and Administration.

At Comms, Graham handles a variety of different areas, including business development, IT systems and security, finance and administration. He can be seen at various conferences during the year as well.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Director - Graham Morris

Karolina Ndlovu

Vice President, Business Development

Karolina Cisek-Ndlovu comes from Poland. She holds an MA degree in English Studies from UMCS in Poland, and an MA in Translation from the University of Surrey.

Always curious about the world and how things work, she has a particular interest in science, technology and computing, which is why she concentrated on scientific and technical translation and translation technology during her studies. With a can-do attitude, she loves challenges and takes pleasure in finding solutions to problems.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Director - Karolina Ndlovu

Manda Patel

Administration Manager

Manda is a native Gujarati speaker, who has over 20 years of experience in office administration, a large part of which has been with Comms.

She handles all our Client and Supplier invoices and ensures that all our suppliers are paid in a timely manner.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Administration Manager - Manda Patel

Annalisa Di Nicola

Senior Project Manager

Annalisa Di Nicola comes from Sicily, Italy, where she graduated from the Advanced School for Translators and Interpreters. She also holds an MSc in Technical, Scientific, Audiovisual and Medical Translation from Imperial College, London.

She has lived and worked in Spain and France for extended periods of time before moving to the UK. She is an experienced subtitler and a language enthusiast with a genuine interest in and passion for translation, especially in the audiovisual field.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Senior Project Manager - Annalisa Di Nicola

Laura Serantes

Senior Project Manager

Laura is a native speaker of Galician and Spanish. She also speaks English, Portuguese and can understand a little Korean. She holds a BA in Translation and Interpreting and an MA in Multimedia Translation from the University of Vigo (Spain), and her passion is subtitling and audiovisual translation in general.

Having visited South Korea twice, she is interested in all aspects of Korean culture and hopes to learn the language properly.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Senior Project Manager - Laura Serantes

Steffie Danquigny

Senior Project Manager

Steffie comes from Lille, France. She speaks fluent English and Italian, some Dutch, and is currently learning Russian. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Foreign Languages applied to Business, and graduated from the University of Lille with a Master’s in Specialised Multilingual Translation.

She is passionate about managing translation projects that focus on psychometric content, and even wrote her final Master’s dissertation on the subject.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Project Manager - Monica Alegre

Monica Alegre

Project Manager

Monica comes from Valencia in Spain and is a native speaker of Catalan and Spanish. Holding a BA in Translation and Interpreting, she is fluent in English and German and has some knowledge of French.

She has lived in Germany and England for a few years and really enjoys working with languages. Psychology is one of her passions too and currently she combines her studies in this field with working at Comms.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Project Manager - Monica Alegre

Janice Chan

Project Coordinator

Janice comes from Hong Kong and is a bilingual speaker of Cantonese and English. She is also fluent in Mandarin and has a basic knowledge of French and Korean. She holds a BA in English Studies from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and has just finished an MA Forensic Linguistics in Cardiff University.

She enjoys language teaching and learning, with previous experiences of teaching English as a second language. She has also gained some quality assurance experience in software localisation working for Big Tech in Hong Kong. She is passionate in sociolinguistics with a particular interest in accents and language variation.

Comms Multilingual Translation Agency Project Coordinator - Janice Chan

Ilenya Proto

Project Coordinator

Ilenya comes from Italy and is a native speaker of Italian. She speaks fluent English and Spanish and has a basic knowledge of French, Japanese and Italian Sign Language (LIS). She holds a BA in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation and has just finished an MA in Translation and Interpreting Studies at the University of Manchester.

She really enjoys working with languages and is passionate about creative and audiovisual translation, which was also the subject of her last dissertation project. She loves travelling and has lived in Spain where she worked as an Italian and English teacher.

Leonardo Bruzzone

Project Coordinator

Leonardo was born in Italy and has spent a decade studying in Saudi Arabia. He is fluent in English, Italian and French, whilst also having basic knowledge of Arabic and Mandarin Chinese. He holds a Master’s degree in Translation from Lancaster University and is a Certified Associate in Project Management.

As a seasoned traveller, Leonardo loves engaging and immersing himself with foreign languages and cultures. He has previous experience with audiovisual and multimedia translation, as well as a particular liking for content creation.

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