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Document Translation

It is extremely important to translate materials correctly, so that they are meaningful and culturally correct in the target languages. It may be necessary to localise and adapt some materials so that they can be easily understood in other countries.

Document Translation

Translation can be a very subjective matter and we approach each project thoughtfully and with great care. We love to use any specialist terminology glossaries you may have to ensure that specific terms are translated consistently all the way through a document.

If you have no such glossaries in place, we can work with you to create them in advance or will gradually build up a terminology list of terms specific to you as we carry out more projects.

Our projects range from small, single language documents which require translation only, through to the most complex projects involving as many as thirty languages. They often also involve typesetting, voice-overs and multimedia.

Hints & Tips

Glossaries of terms with definitions are very useful as each company has their own jargon. A word with one meaning for one organisation might well have a different meaning within another organisation.

How do we guarantee quality?

  • All of our linguists are professionally qualified and have at a minimum of three – five years’ experience.
  • The linguists only translate into their native languages.
  • Our translation teams are generally resident in the country for which the translation is intended, especially if a detailed knowledge of that particular region is essential for an accurate translation.
  • The teams will have specific knowledge of the vocabulary of your business sector.
  • The software and systems that we use are state of the art and can handle any level of production, from a simple business card through to the most complex multi-language project.
  • For the vast majority of projects, our standard process involves translation and proofreading by two independent, native-speaker linguists, as per ISO translation standards. This is particularly important if the document is for external publication, rather than for internal use.
  • Our skilled and experienced Project Managers always carry out a final check of any document before it is delivered to you.

Translator Selection

The choice of linguists is crucial in ensuring the success of your translation project. We search our extensive database of providers to find the most suitable people for your requirements. For each project, we look out for relevant and proven subject matter expertise in our translation teams. We also work closely with you in order to achieve the style that you prefer and to convey the correct message to your customers.


Translation Only

Some of our customers occasionally need translation to be done for internal use or just to get the overall meaning. In such cases, the document may require translation only. You can therefore dispense with the proofreading stage and this will reduce the cost to you.

We regularly translate surveys for our clients and most surveys contain one or two open-ended questions, where the respondents are invited to write down their responses. It is not necessary to have a completely polished translation in this case, so we don’t include proofreading in our pricing for this type of project.

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