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With marketing and advertising materials, it is vitally important that the translation conveys the meaning of the original.

However, it is equally important that the content is valid and appropriate in the target market and that it reads well in the target language.

Comms translation methods

We have our own methodology for handling such projects, developed over many years, to ensure that the text is translated in the best possible way.

We will be happy to discuss our procedures with you. We will then come up with a “best practice” procedure, which will cover your needs and ensure a very high quality translation.

We always work closely with our clients throughout a project, giving and getting feedback at all times.


Our client is a leader in providing Health and Safety based training and assessments to organisations in over 70 countries around the world.

They use their website as their showcase and as a major sales tool to show the outstanding results that they have been able to achieve for their clients.

Their aim is to help their clients to make their workplaces safer places in which to work.

Previous translations

Our client had previously had their website translated, but they weren’t sure who had done this translation and therefore how good the quality was. They also wanted to ensure that the tone and style was the same throughout the website.

[panel title=”Hints & Tips”]If we had re-used previous translations, it would not have been possible to ensure the consistency in tone and style that our client was seeking.

Our client therefore decided to have their updated site translated from scratch into Dutch, French and German. The aim was to be able to serve their clients in those languages better.[/panel]

Process steps

We had an initial discussion with our client to establish the project brief, including the target audience.

They had worked on localising some of the web pages to be relevant for each individual target market. There was therefore some text that was specific to each region.

Glossaries and reference translations

One requirement was for our teams to use current translations for checking definitions and for selecting the right expressions and vocabulary to ensure consistency.

As we had a translation memory and a glossary of key terms in place, this was very easy for our teams to do.

French, German and Dutch

We translated the website into French, German and Dutch and, as is standard for us, the translation was then independently proofread by a second linguist with expertise in the subject matter.

The translations were reviewed by our client’s native-speaker reviewers and we made a few minor amends to the texts.

[panel title=”Hints & Tips”]It was very helpful for us that our client provided us with the URLs for each page where the translator could see the layout and context of each individual web page.[/panel]


Our client has now launched their new website successfully in German, Dutch and French and is hoping to be inundated with enquiries from prospective clients.

We will be carrying out further translation as and when the website is updated.

Please contact us with the details of your projects and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation.