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Comms is working with one of the leading companies in the area of backup, recovery and archive IT solutions. This company offers solutions from the largest, enterprise-wide requirements down to storage solutions for the SME market.

Our client decided that they wanted to provide particular support to their resellers and distributors in France and Germany, and they therefore needed to have their materials translated into French and German.

At a later date, our client wanted to start providing video tapes for their distributors and resellers containing new product information.

Process Steps

We started out by translating the part of their web site, which was dedicated to their resellers and distributors. We used one professional, native-speaker translator and the translation was then independently proofread by a second translator in order to ensure quality.

Since then, we have been involved in translating a wide variety of documents for them:

  • Materials that they needed for their stand at the CEBIT exhibition in Germany.
  • Updates to the web site.
  • Translation of their advertisements, working together with their advertising agency.
  • Monthly newsletter.
  • Product specifications and data information sheets.
  • Voice-overs

For the video tapes, the requirement was for male, authoritative voices.

We provided some sample tapes from which our client chose the most suitable voices for their requirements. Once chosen, we carried out the voice recording project.

Hints & Tips

Always ask your provider to let you have 3 sample voices so that you can choose the style and tone that you prefer.


Our IT client is now providing full marketing support for their distributors and resellers in France and Germany, which has enabled them to greatly expand their sales in those countries.

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