E-ATP Conference 2015, Dublin

Comms Multilingual will once again be sponsoring the European ATP Conference in Dublin, Ireland this September at the InterContentinal Hotel.

Sue Orchard, Cicek Svensson and Sam Whatley will be looking forward to meeting up with many of our customers and colleagues in the testing industry to discuss translation and localisation of assessments and supporting material, as well as making new connections with others interested in taking their tests abroad.


The theme for this year’s conference is Gaining Advantage Through Assessment and we are looking forward to some entertaining and thought-provoking presentations.

Cicek Svensson, our Vice President for Sales and Marketing in North America, will be giving a presentation, featuring case studies, along with Ryan Ross and Blaine Gaddis from Hogan Assessment Systems.

The presentation is entitled “One size does not have to fit all” and Cicek, Ryan and Blaine will be discussing the fact that European organisations continue to expand globally. One should look no further than the success of brands like HSBC, Maersk, ABF, Unilever, and the ever-popular IKEA.

As these European-based organizations continue to source, identify, and develop talent globally, they are all faced with similar challenges – how to address local languages, customs, norms, and values when dealing with individualised development programmes.

Common practice suggests that “One size must fit all” as it pertains to leadership development programmes, and that all participants must have the same developmental experience. The speakers would propose a different point of view – that to truly meet the development needs of individuals, the experience must be customised to their local needs, customs, and beliefs, while maintaining a globally consistent process and standard.

The presentation will take place on Wednesday, September 23rd at 4pm (16.00) and Cicek, Ryan and Blaine look forward to seeing many of you there.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to arrange a convenient time to discuss your plans or find out more. We will also have our usual selection of chocolates on our stand for a tasty bite to eat between sessions.

We look forward to seeing you in Dublin!

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