Case Studies

As a translation agency that works with clients across a range of industries and sectors, we have put together a sample of some projects that we have worked on in recent years. Choose an industry vertical to read more.

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Case Study: FMCG Materials Translation

Fast Moving Consumer Goods is a sector that covers a wide variety of organisations and a multitude of tasks and Comms has worked with a very interesting selection of companies in this area.

Comms Website

Case Study: Website Transcreation

Transcreation is the process of taking a text in one language and not just simply translating it. One the text has been translated, it needs to be turned into a proper marketing piece for the target market.

Case Study: Clinical Trials Translation & Typesetting

Comms Multilingual has been involved in the translation, localisation and adaptation of documents for different parts of the processes involved in clinical trials. Here is some information about a typical type of project that we have carried out.

Case Study: Clinical Test Battery Translation

Comms Multilingual specialises in the translation and adaptation of all types of clinical test, assessment or related material.

Multilingual Voiceover Recording Studio Microphone

Case Study: Multilingual Audio Guide Voiceover

Read more on our project to translate and provide multilingual recordings for a bus tour company in Dublin.

UI Strings

Case Study: Software / UI Localisation

Read about how we helped a business process management software company to translate and localise their software user interface into over 15 languages.

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