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The Social Mission: The Beacon of Innovation in Education

In this guest blog post, Alina von Davier gives us some thoughts on how ACT and ACTNext have been adapting to the changing climate around remote education and assessment.
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Translating Verbal Reasoning Tests: How Difficult Can it Be?

It can be quite a skill to translate a verbal reasoning test, and there is plenty to watch out for. In this blog post, we look at some of the complexities.
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Translating Situational Judgement Tests (or Seriously Jeopardous Tasks)

Situational Judgement Tests (or SJTs) are in widespread use and a well-constructed SJT can provide invaluable insights into a person’s attitudes and behaviour in the workplace. However, translating SJTs into other languages needs to be handled very carefully as there are many potential issues that need to be taken into consideration.
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Pillars of Privacy Protection and Data Security in Testing (Guest Post)

With test taker privacy and data security being such an important part of the testing process, Gary Behrens looks at some of the considerations and hope the Association of Test Publishers is playing a role in the test security and privacy area.
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Staying Relevant by Thinking Disruptively (Guest Post)

The 21st Century is emerging as the age of disruptive thinking.  For some organizations, disruptive thinking sounds ominous, but for others disruptive thinking forms positive, creative, and leading edge images.  By its nature disruptive thinking compels market participants to rethink the way they compete and deliver products and services.   
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Smartphones will dominate recruitment testing (Guest Post)

Continuing our series of assessment-related guest posts, we asked Dr Robert McHenry, founder and Executive Chairman of OPP Ltd to give us his thoughts on a topic which he thinks is key to the future and globalisation of the testing and assessment industry: smartphones.
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October 24, 2023 - October 27, 2023
Comms Multilingual will be exhibiting at the 2023 I.C.E. Exchange Conference. This year, the event will take place in Colorado Springs, CO, from the 24th to 27th of October 2023.
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