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Smartphones will dominate recruitment testing (Guest Post)

Continuing our series of assessment-related guest posts, we asked Dr Robert McHenry, founder and Executive Chairman of OPP Ltd to give us his thoughts on a topic which he thinks is key to the future and globalisation of the testing and assessment industry: smartphones.
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What is the Difference Between Translation and Adaptation in Psychometric Testing? (Guest Post)

Taking psychometric test items abroad is about so much more than translation. In our second guest post, Dr. Joy Matthews-López talks about some of the considerations she has faced in the past adapting her items for Mexico.
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Test Adaptation: A Psychometric Perspective (Guest Post)

Comms has been asking industry thought leaders to provide guest contributions for our blog. In her first post for Comms Multilingual, Dr. Joy Matthews-López, Senior Psychometrician at the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) writes about test adaptation and equivalence of translated and adapted versions to the original.
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What are the advantages of translating, localising and adapting your tests?

In previous posts, we looked at what localisation and adaptation mean and discussed whether certifications and assessments should be translated. We will now consider the advantages that you get if you do decide to translate, localise and adapt your tests, assessments and certifications.
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Should you translate your tests, assessments and certifications?

In our previous post, we looked at the translation, localisation and adaptation process and the fact that it is very important to get all three steps right in order to ensure that your assessment will work in another country and for another culture. How are testing organisations actually coping with different sensibilities and cultures in addition to translation?
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