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Forward Translation and Back Translation: Do They Improve Translation Quality?

In this post, we dive into a popular methodology employed to bridge the linguistic and cultural gaps in high-stakes assessments: forward translation and back translation.
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Overcoming digitization challenges in the credentialing industry

With the advances in technology and the effect of the pandemic, the push towards remote learning has been accelerated. The causes of these rapid changes have challenged the credentialing industry.
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International Expansion: A Strategic Approach

Dania Eter, Chief Credentialing & Products Portfolio Officer writes for us in this month's guest blog post with some hints, tips and considerations when considering expansion of a credentialing or certification program overseas.
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Developing a Certification Program: Showing Value and Impact (Guest Post)

At Comms Multilingual, we are very interested in the latest developments within the assessment and certification industries. To that end, we are asking industry experts to provide guest contributions to our blog, which we hope will be of interest to our community.
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Developing a Certification Program: Growing Reach and Loyalty (Guest Post)

In this post, Christine Yoshida looks at how to grow the reach of your new certification program and gain traction through the use of content and social media.
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Developing a Certification Program: Launching Your Program (Guest Post)

In the third post in our "Developing a Certification Program" series, Christine Yoshida looks at ways you can launch your program using social media, with your customer as your biggest champion.
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