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The Importance of Glossaries in a Quality Translation Process

Here at Comms, we recommend putting in place glossaries or term lists before high-stakes translations such as certification examinations or credentialing programs are translated. This week, we've gone into a little more depth as to why we feel this is so important.
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What is the Difference Between Translation and Adaptation in Psychometric Testing? (Guest Post)

Taking psychometric test items abroad is about so much more than translation. In our second guest post, Dr. Joy Matthews-López talks about some of the considerations she has faced in the past adapting her items for Mexico.
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Optimising your translation and localisation projects: cost and time

What's the best way of slimming down a translation or localisation project to make it as efficient and cost-effective as possible? We look at some common ways of optimising the content to make sure you're not paying over the odds.
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Which language(s) should I choose?

Of the world's 7.2 billion inhabitants, only 30 million people speak English as their first language. That amounts to a mere 6% of the total. So you have now made the decision that you would like to expand your offerings to cover non English-speaking areas. Where will you get the greatest “bang for your buck”?
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Choosing a translation provider: some thoughts

Whether it is your first foray into translation and you are looking to bolster your global expansion plans, or you have been translating for years and are continuing with your multilingual global strategy, it is always worth making sure you are getting what you need from your supplier.
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What else needs to be translated?

We have been looking at the whole area of translation, localisation and adaptation of tests, certifications, assessments and exams. However, it is not just these materials alone that will need to be translated. We have listed several of the most important aspects which you may wish to consider in parallel with the actual assessment itself.
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